Leading a group to grow an organization

Managing, nurturing, inspiring. What does Leadership really mean?

True Leadership does not consist solely in giving direction to a Team or an organization. True Leadership is made up of inspiration, motivation, change, adaptability, empowerment, delegation.

The best leaders are those who know how to transmit values ​​and principles, who know how to put themselves at the service of their team, who know how to make the group take that further step – and go the extra mile.

The best leaders always put their own effort into it and are always accountable for actions and results.

You can be born with the attitudes of the Leader, but a true Leader grows through experience and having the right tools.

Those tools that Area Consulting makes available to you quickly and effectively.


The Leader
to build Success

How to train today’s leaders for tomorrow’s success.

Finding great managers and leaders is increasingly difficult, which is why the smartest organizations know they often have to grow and develop them from within.

Area Consulting leverages the experience of its consultants to find the perfect match between organizational needs, learning content and training style.


Training Leaders
though real Experiences

The final frontier of experiential training.

Gamification is dead, Outdoors training is dead, and simulation too doesn not feel well. What is the new – or even final – frontier of experiential training?

The Role Playing Game (RPG) represents the optimal tool as well as the most incisive for representing realistic business situations in a training context.

Our consultants have a long experience in creating and mastering RPGs in multiple business environments and with the most varied features.


Leading a Team
starts by knowing who they are

Our Experts to help you assess the Team itself, and its members as individuals, with best-in-class solutions.

A journey always starts from a starting point. How to know which direction to take, what it takes to get to your destination, and what means to use, if we only know where we want to arrive but not where we want to start?

And once you have arrived, how can you be sure you have reached the desired destination?


Forming a Leader
and supporting their growth

Nourishing a Leader’s results by enriching their skills.

Either you are becoming, or you are an experienced Leader already, a Mentor can help you make that leap towards a new edge of effectiveness – and results.

This, because a Mentor gives you perspective, insights and knowledge which are not necessarily better than yours, but surely are different, and then intrinsically enriching.

Area Consulting provides Mentors with a long haul of success and skills, from diverse industries, background and practices.


The most powerful tool
to make a Team succeed

Supporting a Team’s results by enabling focus, effectiveness and strategy.

The final frontier of Coaching today. This is the way to foster the results of a team by make them work on focus, effectiveness, internal and external relations, communication, and of course strategy. Then, the Team Coach help the Team take all these ingredients and find the recipe for success, by leveraging everyone’s skills and expertise in a context of openness, exchange and sharing.

Imagining new solutions, new ideas and avenues to succeed. Taking advantage Leveraging diversity of roles and attitudes, both individually and as team members.


Accompanying Leaders
to be the best of themselves

Our Top-tier service.

An executive coach is a qualified professional that works with individuals (usually executives, but often high-potential employees) to help them gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential, and act as a sounding board.

Nowadays many people call themselves ‘Coach’. Quite frankly, not all of them are certified coaches, and some do not even know what the real coaching is. Area Consulting works only through ICF-certified Executive Coaches.


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