Growing business abroad, in- and outbound

More and more Italian entrepreneurs are looking abroad to expand their commercial and production capacities, and to search for new sectors and regions of investment, looking for places where costs and opportunities are attractive and diverse.

More and more companies and foreign investors look to Italy as an evolved market with high added value, a country where to find top level skills and where to invest resources in various capacities.

Area Consulting and its network of partners, clients and acquaintances, actively operates in multiple directions.

Here is a list of countries where currently operate:

  • Dubai
  • Malta
  • Turkey
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Czech Republic
  • USA
  • UK
  • Monaco
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • China

How to get the most
out of Relocation

We assess the effects of relocation and its impact on Sales and Operations.

In most recent years, the push towards offshoring has cooled, but the trend is reversing and new destinations and ways to conceive relocation are rising up again, and not only just to lower costs.

Market exposure, specific local skills, easier procedures can make the point of view on offshoring change.


as the Starting Point

Our Strategic sessions to help understand the Market.

Along with the client, we evaluate the medium term strategy, and we analyze strengths and areas for improvement with a view to offshoring and reshoring, as well as to land onto new markets and geographical areas.

The primary objective is to anticipate results and manage fluctuations and cycles by diversifying target outlets.


What, how and when to invest
to maximize your ROI

Understanding markets, industries and sectors to focus on.

Taxation, corporate forms, investment guidelines, local resources, national and European public funds… We take care of whatever is needed to channel any interest to invest in a specific country.

We combine a network of investors AND a team of consultants and partners to answer all the questions and needs of those who want to invest in another country.


The most complicated issue
is our main Strength

Leveraging the most difficult resource – the human one – to develop internationally.

We take you to explore if, how and why to move the workforce from one country to another, depending on the skills available and required.

Immigration policies, cultural differences, professional specializations, education, cost of living… This is by far the most delicate and complex area of ​​intervention.

Lucky you, this is also our main field of operation. We have the resources, experience and passion to give you the best support possible.


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